Friday, March 9, 2012

instagram of the day: dreamland

alex has never liked to be held.  even as a baby, when you would pick her up, she would always do that back-arching-leg-stiffening thing that babies do when they want to be put down.  she would wipe off kisses, run from hugs and wiggle her way away from a snuggle if she could find an easy way out.


someday she'll read this blog and see all the silly things she used to say and do and when she reads it,  i want her to know that every night i get all the kisses, squeezes and snuggles that i am owed for the day after she slips away to dreamland.  luckily she is one of the soundest sleepers i have ever met in my entire life so she has zero ability to dodge my love at that point.

i snapped this picture of her the other night as i went in to say goodnight and couldn't help but lay down next to her to snuggle for a bit.  i quickly fell asleep and only awoke after the dream i was having caused me to jolt.  that was then followed by the loud crashing sound of her falling off the side of the bed to the floor below.   i gasped, rushed to her rescue and scooped her back into the bed.

she never so much as opened an eye.

there is no moral to this story other than to say: a few kisses and some decent hugs during the day are a lot less painful than getting kicked out of bed in the middle of the night.  i'm just sayin'.

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